Sunday, December 28, 2008

Little Girls Prayers

I am so excited LaShanna has started to really pray sometimes with my help others all by herself. My mom Sister Darlene stayed with us for Christmas and LaShanna chose that time to start praying by herself it was sweet to see my moms faith grow as she watched this little 4 year old pray thank you sweet Lord for using my LaShanna to strengthen mine and my mothers faith. As her small little voice started to ask God to bless the food and to help the brethren that were sick tears of joy ran down my checks to see her faith and love for the Lord. (Thank You God) As I raise my little one in the faith at the same time I am growing in the faith I have prayed daily for God to show me that I am doing what he wants and raising LaShanna as he would want me to I often feel that I am lacking and than God gives me the answer to my prayer and Little LaShanna prays wow God is truly the very best father and teacher as I do all day every day I want to thank God for his mercy and his love.

Thank You

Hi everyone I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you all for your prayers. My eye is now pain free and looks normal again. The sight is still pretty bad but thank you Lord the pain is gone.
Again what a sweet and loving God we have I praise him and give him all the glory. Just to let you all know. I no God knows what he doing so the sight problem is OK with me God will do what he will it was the pain and God has taken care of that so yahoo to God.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Need Prayer

OK to all who were worried about my being to close to the deer I was inside the house behind a window I am really very nervous about deer even though there so cute. I need to ask this of all my Sisters and Brother I need your prayer please for some time I have had trouble with my left eye. I thought it was from a past eye injury but I don't think so now the last time it flared up I lost some sight in it. It has flared up again and I am losing more sight in it. I know this doesn't seem like it but it hard for me to ask for prayer for myself but I am asking now please pray for me. I am going to tell you all thank you now because I have peace in my heart that you will pray for me so Thank you so much and Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year May God Bless You All

Friday, December 19, 2008


Well lets see I prayed for snow and boy did God answer that one we have about 3 feet it is so awesome I love it so dose LaShanna. I will post pictures in a day or so I was at my sister jennies houde monday making fudge when she said hey look outside theres Larry's buck so off I went to look and yes there he was my Brother inlaw has been feeding him and he comes to the back door every few days to get food so I thought I would share these pictures with you God always provides me with wonderful show here in Montana..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Cat

LaShanna and I have a new kitten, she is about 4 or 5 months old and she is great. Her name is faith and she is so good with LaShanna. Well I was watching LaShanna play baby with the kitty when I got this picture. I could hardly keep the camera still I was laughing so hard I think the cat has had it don't you? Teeheehee P.S. The cat really is ok no really mean it hehehehehe

I am updating

Hang in there blogger buddy's I am updating and lost some info

Friday, December 5, 2008

I am excited

This year I get to teach LaShanna about Jesus Birthday. I am so excited to do this with all my heart. It will be the first time in my life that there is true meaning behind my teaching a child that Christmas is a celebration of Christs birth. oh I have taught it to my 3 boys but not with a heart full of faith and love like I have now for God so I am excited about the holiday this year. LaShanna love the Lord so much it is so fun teaching her about how Jesus was born and why...

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I am sad tonight I wont be able to make the trip to Idaho. I know it is all in Gods time but I am still very sad. I am asking for your prayers. I really need my brethren and to see my sweet sisters and brothers that are sick so please pray God will work it out for me to go soon thanks all and if you read my blog and are close to the ones who are sick please please tell them I said hi and I love them very much I will write letters soon and call them and I pray daily for all my sisters and brothers everywhere I need to sign out.........

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hi all hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving I did. My sister Charlotte and her hubby came home and that was nice. We had a quiet thanksgiving I really enjoyed it. I did how ever get some rather bad news, I have several Brethren in Idaho who are not well So after praying about it, I am leaving to go see them on December 2nd I need to go home to my church and get feed the word and to see the ones I love. Well that's all folks for now God bless.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

2 new family members

OK so I love animals and we didn't have any. So we adopted Popper he was just 2 1/2 months old and he seemed so lonely so we adopted George he is full grown. Where having fun now with 2 Guinea Pigs they are a hoot. George has 2 complete different colors on each side one side he is brown and white the other is black and white Popper is a solid copper color they are great pets. I will get better pictures soon.......

Happy Harvest Pictures

We took LaShanna to the retirement home. She was a little scared but she warmed up. It was really fun to see the people light up to see all the kids it was really sweet. They called it the Boo Bash. Than we went to the mall and to a trunk or treat at my sister Jennie's church than home it was nice but glad it is over not my must favorite Holiday that's for sure hope your was all good

Saturday, October 25, 2008

God is so good to me

I think I pulled a rib up under my shoulder blade Last Tuesday.When it happened I was in the shower.I prayed that God would have mercy and he did. I was able to get out of the shower and get dressed and sit in my chair that is when I realized I was in to much pain to go to work. So I went to bed. In the past when I have had back problems or gotten sick my husband seems so mad and kind of just leaves me to fend for myself and I always feel so alone.
This time I prayed to God to send me a Sister or Brother or to soften my hubby's heart. I just didn't want to feel so alone and guess what he softened my hubby's heart.
My husband was really really helpful and took such great care of me and LaShanna he was just super awesome. God is so good I just love God so much. Later I was talking to my sister and she said to me maybe John gets so upset because he is scared and not mad at you.You know I really think she is right.I am so thankful God showed her this so I could understand my husband more. God is so wonderful I feel so grateful to God for his love and mercies. I am very thankful for my husband and his love and I am here to tell you it is all God I give God all the Glory on how my husband is treating me now. Oh yes and here is another way cool thing at dinner my hubby is starting to pray he use to always say you pray Charlene. Thanks to God and all the prayers from my church family God is working in his heart yahoo.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am cheating I know

OK I am cheating I just sat here and read all the blogs on my buddy list wow allot has happened and I know I should a comment on each one but I am limited on time today so I am cheating all the blogs were great and it felt good to catch up and see whats been going on thanks for all your posts they were awesome I love and miss all my Blogger buddy's hehehe most of you all are my Sisters or Brothers in God and I truly love and miss you. Your all in my prayers and my thought Love Sister Charlene :)

I am a Grandmother

Hi all my blogger buddy's boy have I been busy I am still working 5 days a week and caring for my home and family it seems to be leaving me very little time to post. I think I need to set an hour every couple days away just to read and post all the sweet blogs of my friends and family. Any way I will try to do this. Update LaShanna is great John is Great and all is well here. I am a new grand mom her name is Adriana Lee Webb she was born on October 3rd at 12 midnight she was 7lbs 6 ozs and 18 inches long. Mom and baby are great mom did natural birth I am proud of her for that anyway this little baby girl is LaShanna's sister she looks just like LaShanna when she was a baby. I am glad that my son and his wife and family are doing well. I am proud to say all 3 of my boys are doing good.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Riding Elephants at her age (Cool)

Before I left for my Oregon trip my mom and my sister my self and LaShanna went to the circus mom wanted to ride the Elephant here she is looking good.. Gotta love it she is awesome

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sky Camp and More

Well Sky Camp was awesome and I will do it every 2 years whens it comes up it was so wonderful. The food was great and fellowship was great. On Friday night we had dinner and visited. When we got there on the table was color crayons and a really fun book pretty much everyone who sat down to talk would color it was fun it was a find the what ever kind it was cool to see people coloring and talking. Than Saturday we got up and ate a wonderful breakfast of quiche and cheesy potatoes. Than the games began and what fun we had there was the shoot the cans with giant water gun while siting down for us older kids hehehehe I lost but they gave me a chance to be the cheer leader of the group go Sisters go well it was Brother Bill that won he was really good we laughed so hard it was great. Than it was the tiny kids turn they took 4 big tables and covered them with art paper turned then on there side like a box and put the kids inside with finger paints what fun little Timothy was awesome he was the best little finger painter I have ever seen there was Little James he was fun to watch
he was a 2 finger finger painter his sister Abigail was a one finger finger painter and LaShanna was making hand prints but that little Timo was making a master piece all the kids did great it was fun and no painted each other oh except little James he painted his mommy's nose hehehe it was cute. Than the games for the medium kids began it was fun to watch and the olympics for the young ones started wow that took all day but was a hoot to watch look at there blogs they will tell you about it. I am sure there will be all kinds of pictures. Well I could go on and on but others will blog about it too yu all have 2 years to get ready for the next one hope to see you there. Love, Sis. Charlene

Sunday, August 3, 2008

God answers my prayers

Hi everyone
It has been a long time since I have blogged. I read all your blogs and I love them. I am working full time right now so I am tired but at least God provided me with a job that I love. I just had a visit from Brother Richard and Sister Saudra and they brought me my Sister Sister Charlotte what a blessing the visit was wonderful and so full of the spirit. I love to hear the word and share I get so excited and to have my Sister her is awesome. We are taking the bus to Idaho and than driving to Oregon I am so excited. I had been praying because I was a little afraid to ride the bus but I didn't tell anyone I was scared except God and than it worked out that he brought my Sister to me to ride the bus with yahoo God is so great I just love him. God is so good to me. I have not even shared this with my sister yet hehehe. My Sister Sister will be surprised because she thought it was just her pray God answered but he was busy he heard mine too. I am so excited for sky camp and my visit to Oregon I just know God is going to bless all of us. Well I was going to end this blog but I got to thinking on how God answers even the littlest prayers and how he loves us so much he even answers our thoughts
I have been in the faith 2 years and it still amazes me that he is so awesome and love us so much that even a hang nail on our finger he will fix it for us and take the pain away wow OK now I have to go I love you all my sweet brethren. Love, Sister Charlene

Monday, July 14, 2008

fun in the summer sun

My family went to a new lake we had never been to on Sunday it was so wonderful. I caught my 1st big fish in 11 years or more in in Montana. I think the fish here do not like me. I have the hardest time catching them hehehe any way we also swam all day I am really allergic to the sun so if you think of it please pray for me. Other than that the day was filled with love for my family and fun fun fun. I am counting the days tell I see all my brethren I love you all and can't wait to see.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Busy busy and busy

Hi all sorry I have not posted for along time. I have a new job I work 5 days a week for 6 or 7 hours in a second hand store for kids and baby's only it is so fun. I love it my boss is really nice and cares for me she even dose not mind if I talk about God and remind her to pray. She is having some really hard trails in her life please pray for her. Anyway between that and getting ready for sky camp and LaShanna I am very busy. We also had some of Johns family here for a week. In Montana our summers are short so we go and go while we can so we can enjoy the sun and the warmth. I have been reading your blogs a little at a time and they are so sweet I may not have time to comment all the time right now but I love your blogs and need them too. I can not wait to see my sweet brethren in Idaho and Oregon I am so excited I wont sleep for days before I leave. This visit will be more special because it has been a year since I saw all of you except Sister Saundra and Brother Richard they came here to see me and mom other than that it has been a long year since I have been with my church family so this visit will be really really sweet. (all my time with brethren is sweet ) Well I will try and post more later love you all so much see you soon.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers day to the Ultimate Father

I have had 3 fathers in my life one is my birth father thanks to him for bringing me into this world the second was my step dad Bob he was wonderful but has passed. The best and most important is God. So today I want to honor the father who never leaves me, nor forsakes me in good times or bad. Who loves me enough to teach me, be stern with me and patient as well. He listens always and is never to busy for me. He knows my every thought and every hair on my head and sees every tear I have cried and will cry. He holds me in the palm of his hand and comforts me even when I do not know I need it. Here's to my father God whom I love and will hold close to my heart until the day comes I get to see his wonderful face.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Small update on snow

It snowed from about 6am tell late at night. It was pretty crazy but kinda fun. I baked cookies with Lashanna. We played with her play dough and watched a movie, Peter Rabbit so it was a nice day for us. I must say though that a little sunshine would nice were kinds missing it here as I am sure you all are with all your rain.
Well I hope we all get some sunshine today.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Your not gonna believe this one !!!!!!

Here it is June 10th and LaShanna wakes me up this morning saying mommy it is snowing lol she opens the curtains in my room and yes folks here in Kalispell Montana it is snowing we even have a winter weather warning in affect wow. The first 4 pictures are when I had just got up the second 4 pictures are about 2 hours later Well I can't get the pictures in the right order but you all get he idea hehehe

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sky Camp I can come

To my Oregon brethren. I just checked the train prices from here to Portland. I can come to sky camp round trip for 237.00 dollars. It only takes a little over 13 hours. I would need a place to stay pleaseeeee because I would like to stay in Oregon for at least 2 weeks if possible and I need to know please if the train comes any closer to you all and if not or if so I need to be picked up please. It would be myself and LaShanna I am so excited so I hope this is OK to post. Yahoo here I come sky Camp Oh Yea and I would need a ride to sky camp please I sure am asking alot sorry oh but I want to see you all so much Thanks..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What Next ????

I am in the living room working on my PC and LaShanna comes in and say look mommy look at me. Well I did and could not stop laughing for a very long time the Lord has blessed this child with a wonderful way of making people laugh. She is such a love . So a few day later she comes in and asks me to do her bangs . I comply and as she stands there she says to me I need to see my bangs mommy and what you see is what I saw I had to ask her to do it again cause I needed a picture she had know idea how funny it was what a hoot.
Sorry the pictures are not in order I have a hard time posting pictures..

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

LaShanna's pet worm

LaShanna loved her worm she made it a pet for 24 hour the pictures say it all.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

God's T.V.

This lake is one of the lakes we fish at. We were out fishing when I took these pictures so I thought I would share them with you. I think of them as Gods TV. It was such a beautiful day even with the clouds to see how Gods hand moves in the world is so beautiful hope you enjoy these as much I did when I took them. We were sitting there as a huge thunder storm moved in it was just awesome. The ground shook when it thundered it felt as if you could reach up and touch the clouds they were so close. I tried to put all the pictures in a slide show but couldn't figure it out I took like 20 pictures I think.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Answering your comments

OK this is a little different. I thought I would answer your comments on my last post and use it as a post so here we go.

Brother Russell your are so sweet and yes you could win a pageant a pageant of the heart not that your not beautiful because you are. After all you were made by God and hey he is perfect so he can only make beautiful people right. Sister Lori I know you pray for me and LaShanna all the time God has shown me that and I thank you so much for those prayers. Thank you also for all the wonderful scripture I love it keep it coming. I need it hehehe love you and yours too. To all my other Sisters I love your posts and thank you for all your sweet comments as strange as it may sound I can feel your love for God and your Brethren in your words and that is so sweet also you help me with my walk in the faith with all your comments thanks ladies love to you and your too. I just want to say to all my sweet Sisters and brothers that God has used you to comfort me everyday since I am here in Montana without brethren God has heard my prayers and brought me you guys from all over. I sometimes wonder if I was not here would I be so into blogging as I am now. God has definitely used our blogs to meet each other and to be a comfort to each other and I think that is really really awesome. So ok I am a mushy mush hehehehe gosh I am not sure how to end this post so I will say God bless and Thanks.

P.S. Sister Jackie I am sure if we lived closer our little ones would be friends too. All our little ones are so precious and cute I just love seeing pictures and hearing about them growing up..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

God working on me again!

Well here we go again as you all know I posted awhile back about LaShanna being in a pageant and winning. Than Sister Lori sent me the sweetest comments with scripture. Well I read the scripture and being as hard headed as a mull. I decides I could teach LaShanna our Fathers way and still participate in the ways of the world. Well that is a laugh. I entered her in the state pageant and off to Butte Mt we went with high hopes and God watching. Let me tell you first off the reason I was doing this was the prize money for LaShanna in the future for school or a home or what ever she may need (I should have prayed about that stuff and left it up to God ) I really did believe that I could still teach her good sportsmanship and how to be giving, loving, humble you know all the things we want to teach our little girls so they grow up to love God and be good wife's, mothers etc. Well God had a lesson for me. I will not go into weather she won or not because that is not important. What I will go into is that we entered a world of fake and evil and unhappy people, we entered the world in a big way and I was scared to see how many Mommy's treated there little girls badly and to see how mean they were to them and to see little girls exploited for there beauty and made to feel that they had no worth was more than I bargained for. So I began to pray and God showed me that you can not walk in both places. You have to stay close to him and away from the world. God showed me once again why it is so important to seek the company of your brethren and to attend church and to pray and seek him in all we need big or small. God tried to show me this when he sent Sister Lori to my post last time and she gave me the scripture I needed but I was not faithful and did not head his word. I am so glad he loves me enough to keep teaching me and loves me so much he sends me wonderful Sisters to learn from I feel very blessed to be in the faith and to have the Bible to follow so I know how to live my life. Our Lord is so sweet and loving. So I am here to tell you I wont be doing that again. I have at last learned this lesson. There are so manymore to learn I am glad I have my family in God to learn from and with..............................................

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cheese Cake

LaShanna and I had a great time making this cheese cake just thought we would share a picture or two with you.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Can you read me now?

hehehehehehe Can you all read my blog now please let me know thanks

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Great Visit but to short

OK I know I sound like I am wining but Brother Richard and Sister Saundra where here only 1 night boo hoo but it was great. We had my moms wonderful tacos for dinner and for desert my mom made upside down pineapple cake. Well It is not my favorite so I decided to use Sister Tiffy's Kitchen blog and I made Sister Janet Pelkeys cream cheese cake oh my it was wonderful(Thanks Sister Tiffy) I had never made it and I don't really cook or bake and that is another blog hehehe but I pray and I prayed it would be good for my guests and it was. OK OK I know enough about the food and on to the visit it was so awesome I had been praying about some things in my life and the faith and God gave Brother Richard the words I needed and the scripture too it was so sweet as you can tell from my posts I like to talk so I asked a ton of questions and kinda took up the evening I feel. No one else felt like that as far as I know but I felt kinda of guilty so it was OK with my when I woke up feeling very very tired and stayed home for breakfast. I am sure my mom had a wonderful visit over coffee in the morning with them so it was good all the way around so to end the post my visit was very short but very very sweet and greatly appreciated.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Are you having trouble reading my blog??

Is anyone having trouble reading my blog please let know.. Thank you.

Will post about my visit on Monday tell than God bless to all my sweet sweet brethren.
Love. Sister Charlene

Yahoo company

I am so excited I can hardly type. I am getting to have a visit from Brother Richard and sister Saundra from Idaho and my own Sister Sister Charlotte is coming to stay for a couple weeks yahooo I will post about the sweet visit we will have oh boy mo and I have never had brethren to our homes in Montana and we are so excited for them the get here God bless everyone
Love. Sister Charlene

Sunday, April 27, 2008

John and I have a Grandson

John and I have a grandson from my stepson Kelly and his wife Jennifer he is older than this picture . He is a couple months old now. He is so cute can't wait to see him in person they live in Colorado. This is Johns very first Grandchild he is so excited. The baby's name is Tyler Ken Keith

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just Catching up

I have been really really busy working so not much time to post. I have worked 12 days in a row and have a few more to0 go. I am very tired but that is ok God knows what I can handle. Now for some good news. God has been very good to me he has brought people into my life that I can share my love for him with here in Montana wow that is so awesome to me. God knew I was at my end and provided what I needed it is so sweet to share my love for God and my belief and my faith these ladies. They are not in our church but they love the Lord and are very sweet so until I get to be with my brethren I am going to hang out with these ladies and share my love of God with them. Who knows maybe some of them will come to the faith. God has also made it so I can share more at work too and I am loving it. There is so much more peace in me at work now that I can be who God wants I just love God he is my very best friend..

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I have a question

I was talking to my sister Jennie and telling her that I could not sleep the other night and had to keep telling satan to go away in Jesus name. She asked me if I told him once than why didn't he stay gone all night and why did I have to keep telling him to go. I told her because saten kept coming back to torment my mind she said that I should of only have had to say it once but I don't think so saten likes to keep on tormenting us so what is all your opinions on this? Also when I did spell check it said I had to capitalize the word saten do I really he dose not deserve that kind of respect.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My testimony

After reading Sis Jackie's testimony I thought at this time it would be a comfort to hear other Testimonies so here's mine please Sisters share yours too. When I was a small girl we were made to go to church and to Sunday school I too did the whole say the pray thing and thought I was good to go. I fell for the lies that the I was being taught by false profits. When my older sister Charlotte was 18 she was Baptized in the church in Long Beach and I went there off and on but continued to live in the world and sin. I would watch my sister and the people she went to church with and they all had this love for God and each other and this peace and I wanted it. I always said I wanted to be like my sister when I grew up she is very sweet and has a faith like you wouldn't believe than she moved to Boise and I really saw the love that the brethren has for God and each other and man I wanted that but the Devil kept me scared. I went to a sisters tea and was outside smoking yes I said smoking and Sister Renee came out to talk to me and told me she loved me even though I smoked I was surprised but pleased and than on an other visit to Boise I went to Brother Jimmy's and Sister Paula's house for a visit I was really having a battle God wanted me and so did the devil it felt like there was a real fight going on and I left my mom and Sister Charlotte at there house and drove around with my 1 year old daughter I am not sure for how long but I decided I needed to go get my mom and sister or I would be in big trouble so I went back and Brother Jimmy and I talked and God gave him the words I needed to hear that was a Friday on Sunday I wanted to give it all to God and be baptized so I was and it has been the best thing ever Now I am like my sister I have my faith and my love for God and no matter what no one can take that from me or the love I have with my brethren there is one more thing I want to tell I continued to smoke even though I knew God wanted me to stop and I felt very bad I was letting God down by the way I smoked for 36 years that was most of my life I felt close to God but knew I could be closer but the smoking thing stopped me than a few weeks ago I became very ill and almost died there I was couldn't breath running a fever the whole nine yards and I staggered out to the front door to go outside and have a smoke and I just stopped and begged God to help me and the desire just went away and I am now a non smoker thanks to my wonderful God I am closer than ever to him he is so awesome to love me so much well there it is how I became a sister in the faith

Monday, April 14, 2008

How to handle grief ?

I don't know how to handle the grief I feel for my dear sweet friend. I have prayed and prayed for Gods help can any one give me advise I am still really a babe in the faith and have never dealt with this situation before not even when I was in the world. I am not sure what to post. I am not even sure this post is appropriate I just need some advise and scripture please also please let know if this post is OK if not I will delete it. Love to all my Sisters and brothers Love. Sister Charlene

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Update on baby Emma

Emma is 7 lbs 10 oz 20 inches long


Sharon had Emma today around noon I think not much info right now will get more ASAP baby and mommy doing fine look for updates tonight k

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sharing God at work

I am not at a loss for words today I have about 3 blog posts I could do. I will begin with what an awesome God we serve. I was at work and a Grandma about 73 years old or so came in with her grandson she was fishing in her purse for money for them to had a ton of change and claimed to have forgotten her money at home. Now there are not to many chances at work for me to share God with people now God gave me a chance. I was watching this lady and praying and I knew what God wanted me to do. I went into the back and got my ATM card and bought there food she almost cried. She asked when I worked next. I told her to pay it forward or she could pay me back when she got the money or not it was OK I was doing what God wanted me to do. Now this is not about me it is about God. Can you imagine all the people at my work watching this why I don't know but they were. I was not being loud or anything just all of a sudden there they were watching. After the lady received her food and walk away they started asking questions and all I could tell them was I prayed and God wanted me to feed those people. It opened a way for me to share God and my faith in a place that is full of sin and sadness for me. All I can say is wow I love God so much.
P.S. The little boy had a happy meal and Grandma had a fish sandwich and water that was all she wanted so I know in my heart that this was truly a gift from god to me to be able to share God with the People at work...