Sunday, April 27, 2008

John and I have a Grandson

John and I have a grandson from my stepson Kelly and his wife Jennifer he is older than this picture . He is a couple months old now. He is so cute can't wait to see him in person they live in Colorado. This is Johns very first Grandchild he is so excited. The baby's name is Tyler Ken Keith

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just Catching up

I have been really really busy working so not much time to post. I have worked 12 days in a row and have a few more to0 go. I am very tired but that is ok God knows what I can handle. Now for some good news. God has been very good to me he has brought people into my life that I can share my love for him with here in Montana wow that is so awesome to me. God knew I was at my end and provided what I needed it is so sweet to share my love for God and my belief and my faith these ladies. They are not in our church but they love the Lord and are very sweet so until I get to be with my brethren I am going to hang out with these ladies and share my love of God with them. Who knows maybe some of them will come to the faith. God has also made it so I can share more at work too and I am loving it. There is so much more peace in me at work now that I can be who God wants I just love God he is my very best friend..

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I have a question

I was talking to my sister Jennie and telling her that I could not sleep the other night and had to keep telling satan to go away in Jesus name. She asked me if I told him once than why didn't he stay gone all night and why did I have to keep telling him to go. I told her because saten kept coming back to torment my mind she said that I should of only have had to say it once but I don't think so saten likes to keep on tormenting us so what is all your opinions on this? Also when I did spell check it said I had to capitalize the word saten do I really he dose not deserve that kind of respect.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My testimony

After reading Sis Jackie's testimony I thought at this time it would be a comfort to hear other Testimonies so here's mine please Sisters share yours too. When I was a small girl we were made to go to church and to Sunday school I too did the whole say the pray thing and thought I was good to go. I fell for the lies that the I was being taught by false profits. When my older sister Charlotte was 18 she was Baptized in the church in Long Beach and I went there off and on but continued to live in the world and sin. I would watch my sister and the people she went to church with and they all had this love for God and each other and this peace and I wanted it. I always said I wanted to be like my sister when I grew up she is very sweet and has a faith like you wouldn't believe than she moved to Boise and I really saw the love that the brethren has for God and each other and man I wanted that but the Devil kept me scared. I went to a sisters tea and was outside smoking yes I said smoking and Sister Renee came out to talk to me and told me she loved me even though I smoked I was surprised but pleased and than on an other visit to Boise I went to Brother Jimmy's and Sister Paula's house for a visit I was really having a battle God wanted me and so did the devil it felt like there was a real fight going on and I left my mom and Sister Charlotte at there house and drove around with my 1 year old daughter I am not sure for how long but I decided I needed to go get my mom and sister or I would be in big trouble so I went back and Brother Jimmy and I talked and God gave him the words I needed to hear that was a Friday on Sunday I wanted to give it all to God and be baptized so I was and it has been the best thing ever Now I am like my sister I have my faith and my love for God and no matter what no one can take that from me or the love I have with my brethren there is one more thing I want to tell I continued to smoke even though I knew God wanted me to stop and I felt very bad I was letting God down by the way I smoked for 36 years that was most of my life I felt close to God but knew I could be closer but the smoking thing stopped me than a few weeks ago I became very ill and almost died there I was couldn't breath running a fever the whole nine yards and I staggered out to the front door to go outside and have a smoke and I just stopped and begged God to help me and the desire just went away and I am now a non smoker thanks to my wonderful God I am closer than ever to him he is so awesome to love me so much well there it is how I became a sister in the faith

Monday, April 14, 2008

How to handle grief ?

I don't know how to handle the grief I feel for my dear sweet friend. I have prayed and prayed for Gods help can any one give me advise I am still really a babe in the faith and have never dealt with this situation before not even when I was in the world. I am not sure what to post. I am not even sure this post is appropriate I just need some advise and scripture please also please let know if this post is OK if not I will delete it. Love to all my Sisters and brothers Love. Sister Charlene

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Update on baby Emma

Emma is 7 lbs 10 oz 20 inches long


Sharon had Emma today around noon I think not much info right now will get more ASAP baby and mommy doing fine look for updates tonight k

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sharing God at work

I am not at a loss for words today I have about 3 blog posts I could do. I will begin with what an awesome God we serve. I was at work and a Grandma about 73 years old or so came in with her grandson she was fishing in her purse for money for them to had a ton of change and claimed to have forgotten her money at home. Now there are not to many chances at work for me to share God with people now God gave me a chance. I was watching this lady and praying and I knew what God wanted me to do. I went into the back and got my ATM card and bought there food she almost cried. She asked when I worked next. I told her to pay it forward or she could pay me back when she got the money or not it was OK I was doing what God wanted me to do. Now this is not about me it is about God. Can you imagine all the people at my work watching this why I don't know but they were. I was not being loud or anything just all of a sudden there they were watching. After the lady received her food and walk away they started asking questions and all I could tell them was I prayed and God wanted me to feed those people. It opened a way for me to share God and my faith in a place that is full of sin and sadness for me. All I can say is wow I love God so much.
P.S. The little boy had a happy meal and Grandma had a fish sandwich and water that was all she wanted so I know in my heart that this was truly a gift from god to me to be able to share God with the People at work...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A gift from God

I have been doing allot of thinking and praying. I thought for a while God was not giving me a gift and I figured he thought I was not ready. Than it came to me I do have a gift from God and it is Love. I am and have been able to most of my life to love and except people for who they were and what they where. People would say your a better person than me I could never forgive so and so and I would say it is not me it is God. I would do this even before I was in the faith as allot of you know God has been after me for a long time. When I say I love my brethren it is with all my heart that I do. Even the people in my life as I was growing up that have hurt me beyond what a person should ever suffer I still love them and forgive them but only with Gods help can I do this. I know that people sometimes feel that the saying I love you is giving to easily but for me if the words leave my mouth they are meant from the deepest part of my heart. So I will finish this by saying to my dear sweet Brethren and church family all over the U.S. I do and always will love you and pray for you when ever you need it. Love, Sister Charlene