Sunday, October 9, 2011

My sweet sweet Sister Janie I love you

I have a very dear sweet Sister in God that has passed and I want to say how much I loved her. Her child like love for the Lord was an inspiration to many many people she was such a love to be around and now she is with  our Lord as sweet as that is I am sad that I will not see here again until I meet the Lord myself  I will miss her smile and her sweet hugs and her words of encouragement. I pray for her husband and her Brothers and Sisters that God help them through this loss,                                       (Sister Janie I love you see you soon) Love your Sister always, Sister Charlene

I am back

Well after some thought I decided to come come back to my blog and as odd as it may seem it is about my mom she has hurt her back again and I may need to make some choices again this year.
These choices will be put in Gods hands for I have not the strength or knowledge to make them myself. My flesh wants to run but not my heart so I was up last night crying and praying and now I ask you to pray for me.