Tuesday, August 25, 2009

LaShanna at the fair


Well I am still working two jobs please pray for me if I come to your mind please it is kinda hard all though I know God is with me and there to give me strength. We had the local fair here and that was fun way fun LaShanna and her friend went with Gramma and Papa and myself and her Aunt Jennie we had fun but it was really really hot like 94 degrees I Bet I lost 2 pounds just walking that day( yahoo )

The other thing I want to tell you about is my hubby I know allot of you have been praying for my marriage and God has heard your prayers. My Hubby and I have finally reaches the point in our marriage were we are having fun God has had great mercy on me and softened my hubby's heart allot. We still need to pray that he comes into the faith but I have not known such sweetness in my marriage since the 1st few months . I love that God loves me so much I am so not worthy yet he never lets me down thank you God for all your love and lessons and for giving your only son for my sins and for knowing what is best for me before I do how awesome is our God. Wow

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hi I am back

Hi it has been so long I all most f0rgot I had a blog. Well lets see I have been very busy since I arrived home from Idaho.By the way my take on the singing was it was great wonderful and I loved it. I have 2 jobs now I am still at A Mothers Blessing . I have a new job as well I work 10 hours a week as a care giver to a very wonderful lady. I feel very blessed to have her in my life.

it it so sweet that God knows what we need before we do and provides it. LaShanna is awesome growing fast I can't believe in a few months she will be 5 wow where did the time go. We are currently doing swim lessons 5 days a week for 2 weeks one down one to go she is like a fish she loves it. The lord has brought a wonderful friend to me and her son is a good friend to LaShanna.

we do play day every Monday and it is a blast to see the kids together I love it. I have been spending allot of time on face book but I think I will be coming back to my blog more now cause I miss it so much and all my friends here. We are getting ready to start our home schooling again in September I received allot of great material for our 1st year we have a great home school group here and there is allot of help again I am so blessed it appears that reading is the key that is what I am told by everyone my thought is to let God guild us and we will succeed in all we do I have faith in my Lord there for I know LaShanna and I will do fine. Well I will say good night for now oh my I almost forgot I have another new job I am a Norwex consultant and I am trying to put together a party now to show Kalispell what it is all about it is better than anything I have used before.