Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Update I love my new drops there very tasty. I am still pumping every three hours now the baby's birth mother is being induced on April 2nd  also am so excited I am getting Mommy's milk from a dear friend for Lily until my milk comes in if it does. I suppose you wonder in today's age why bother with nursing and human milk, well I feel it is very important for the baby to have all that moms milk has to offer and I want to nurse because I feel it is very important for bonding and it is what God made women to do I loved nursing my boys and would have nursed my 8 year old adopted daughter but I was told  couldn't by my doctor so I believed him. I really feel that more doctors need to know about SNS and inducing  mothers milk..

Monday, March 18, 2013

So as I said in my previous post I was taking  all natural lactate drops they upset my tummy really bad so while I was on a birthing site I was told about Mountain Meadow Herbs and there Maxi Milk  an all natural way to help produce breast milk wow what a difference it tastes super good and does not upset my tummy. I still do not have milk I am hoping that this new stuff from Mountain Meadow Herbs will help the fact that I like the taste and am more relaxed taking it is a huge plus. We are still waiting for the baby to be born and praying daily that God will heal anything that the birth mother did and give us a super  healthy baby. God is good for even iving me this chance as it is. I am ready with everything for the baby now I am just cleaning and dreaming about what she will look like..

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Not much to report today still pumping no milk at times I feel a  little sad I want to see milk really bad.  It is really up to God. I am still pumping and using my lactaion drops, there is a change in my breast so I am hopeful.......

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Good evening to all I am making this short I am starting to pump every three hours now still no milk but lots of drawing and tenderness I have faith that God will provide for me. I do have to share that i am very inpatient so this is harder than I thought it would be. I want milk now but I truly will be happy to just use my SNS and bond with my new baby. I will be doing a photo shoot and will post pictures of SNS and the baby when she gets here. Well need to go and pump.
I need to due an update I was told the birth mom had signed the papers for my baby and she didn't yes I am sure she will soon any way it goes I will still get the baby at least that is what I am being told..

Saturday, March 9, 2013

( This post was suppose to go before the last one sorry)  Well  I am having a very emotional day today I don't even want to pump or even think today my head hurts. It is hard to leave it in Gods hands.  I know I should but it is really hard I need to do just that. Today I get to talk to the birth mom and try to put her mind at ease wow I feel anything but at ease that's for sure  she will get to call me at around 3pm today.  I know that God wants me to raise this baby but it is kinda hard not to throw your arms up and say I quite when a person who is taking drugs and poisoning there unborn child is or thinks she is calling the shots and a man who is stung out on drugs and shooting up thinks he can call the shoots wow where is the fairness for the baby at. We have a really warped system here please pray all goes well and God gives me the words I need today. So God gave me the words I needed and the birth mom
has signed the papers yahoo....
I am getting so excited  about baby Lily. It is getting harder and harder to wait but at last that's all  I can do until she decides to make her appearance. In the mean time I am pumping and getting my breasts ready to nurse so far no milk but it is to soon  really. I am pumping about every 5 hours during the day as her due dates gets closer I will increase to every three hours. I have stopped the drops for now they kinda upset my tummy but will begin to take them again in a few days. I am how ever starting to fill the draw on my breast at the same time each day just like when you nurse so that is a good sign. I am excited to see how much milk I will get. So the journey continues on I thought I might mention that I am totally nesting and getting ready for lily to come home...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Good morning all my friends as I sit her on this Monday writing this I am starting my lactating drops and they stink they don't taste to bad I think I can handle this 3 times a day. I will do anything to nurse this baby so we will see how this turns out. My family always said I was hard headed so in this it is a good thing lol. I was so excited today a friend - customer brought me my first  gift outfit for the baby it is so sweet it warmed my heart. This same friend adopted twins and nursed them so she had some very valuable info for me I was happy about that.  So the nursing journey begins please pray God gives me milk thanks and have a great day.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Well as my last post said I had a foster baby. Kiley is now with her brothers and her new foster family she is 7 months old and doing very very well. I get to see her on occation and still love her dearly but God had a different way for me to go. Nerver doudt that God knows what is best he really does.

I asked many nights why God why did you take my Kiley and there was no answer except God knows all he sees the big picture. Though it hurt and almost did me in I had to come to grips with the fact that God had my life in his hands and that is were it needed to be..

Than by chance I was introduced to a very troubled young person who was in jail and on her way to prison. I felt compelled to tell her I would take her baby and raise it and love it as my own.

( I don't ever want an empty nest I love kids)

She chose to allow me to do this and to keep her sweet baby out of the system that takes guts on herpart she does not know me no I her a leap of faith.                                                                       ( Please pray for the birth mother that her life will improve and she will find God )

I know now that God did know the big picture and he put Kiley in a home with her 2 brothers and a wonderful foster family that will always keep them together. God knew my little angel was going to need me.. God also knew that LaShanna the first little angel he put in my life needed a sibling she is lonely being an only child.

So a new journey starts as we sit and wait for a call to go and pick up our new angel up from the hospital.

I am now 51 and I have to say I feel like a young mother waiting for labor and dreaming of what my baby will look like, what will the baby weigh and will it have blue eyes or brown eyes, blond hair or brown. Will it be tiny or a big baby oh my all the questions and the the waiting is driving me crazy but soon I will hold my little angel in my  arms.

So as I wait for my little to be born I am prepareing my home and my body as I plan on nursing my angel I will  use a divise called a supplemental nursing system as well as pumping to try and bring in my milk I pray God brings in  full milk production but if not at least my new little angel will know the comfort of nursing and I will bond with my little angel...

A little up date on my life I am 51 married 15 almost 16 years to my hubby we have 7 Children between us ad 4 Grand children I own a small kids clothing store our children range in age from 45 to 8 years of age and our grand children range from 2 to 4 . We live in a fairly small town in Montana and love where we live. I love the Lord wth all my heart and want nothing more than to be the women God wants me to be.

So the journey begins !!!!!