Monday, November 30, 2009

I am missing you all

OK Here is what's on my mind. I am missing my family allot really allot and that includes my church families from all over even those I have I not met. I had a Sister tell me that you can not love someone right away and that people say I love you to freely well not the case here because I love you all God gave me that ability and so there I said it I love you and miss you sooo much ( you all know who you are my friends and church family and kids)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A new chapter in my life

Well were to start I have left my job after 13 months and my sister Jennie and I are opening our own store I am so excited to be doing this. As with all good things the Lord provides satan tries to take it away and boy is he working hard to do that this time. I know the store is God given it all happened so fast and everything has fallen into place very smoothly and every prayer to God about things we have needed has been answered so yes satan is mad and after me I am so very glad that I have God and all my Sister and Brothers to pray for me.
Our store will be a kids second hand store and some fun collectibles for moms as well it should be allot of fun and God willing we should do well. I was telling Sister Charlotte and Sister Darlene that I will fill successful if Gods light shine through me to the people I come in contact with and to my sister all I want is to let Gods love flow through me to his people and be the person God wants me to be.

On another note I was blessed in a way only Gods people will understand one of my fellow homeschoolers has lost her husband to ms as I read her journey with him to the end I was blessed to see Gods love at work. I wish I could repeat the wonderful words she had but I would not do them Justis as her sweet husband lay in bed on his journey to meet God the love for the Lord that flowed from her was awesome. I feel touched in a way I have never been touched before. It was so sweet to read her words and to feel her love for God and her Husband all though she will never read my blog I feel compelled to say that through her God has shown me what kind of wife and mother and Sister he wants me to be and shown me that all though death is sad for us left behind it is a sweet blessing for those going to meet God. I do not know if this all makes any since but I had to talk about it and share with the ones I love the great and wonderful things God has shown me lately. In my own trail with my husbands health I pray God can give me as much grace as he did my fellow homeschooler for all she saw was Gods love for her and her husband and there children and to take time to share her love for God as her husband lay drifting closer to his heavenly home with the grace she had was truly Gods work and I feel blessed to have been a part of that.( Thank You God for your love and guildance I pray you will help me Lord to be all that you want me to be and that in my times of dispair and sorrow I can have the grace I need and shine only your love to those around me Amen)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

LaShanna at the fair


Well I am still working two jobs please pray for me if I come to your mind please it is kinda hard all though I know God is with me and there to give me strength. We had the local fair here and that was fun way fun LaShanna and her friend went with Gramma and Papa and myself and her Aunt Jennie we had fun but it was really really hot like 94 degrees I Bet I lost 2 pounds just walking that day( yahoo )

The other thing I want to tell you about is my hubby I know allot of you have been praying for my marriage and God has heard your prayers. My Hubby and I have finally reaches the point in our marriage were we are having fun God has had great mercy on me and softened my hubby's heart allot. We still need to pray that he comes into the faith but I have not known such sweetness in my marriage since the 1st few months . I love that God loves me so much I am so not worthy yet he never lets me down thank you God for all your love and lessons and for giving your only son for my sins and for knowing what is best for me before I do how awesome is our God. Wow

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hi I am back

Hi it has been so long I all most f0rgot I had a blog. Well lets see I have been very busy since I arrived home from Idaho.By the way my take on the singing was it was great wonderful and I loved it. I have 2 jobs now I am still at A Mothers Blessing . I have a new job as well I work 10 hours a week as a care giver to a very wonderful lady. I feel very blessed to have her in my life.

it it so sweet that God knows what we need before we do and provides it. LaShanna is awesome growing fast I can't believe in a few months she will be 5 wow where did the time go. We are currently doing swim lessons 5 days a week for 2 weeks one down one to go she is like a fish she loves it. The lord has brought a wonderful friend to me and her son is a good friend to LaShanna.

we do play day every Monday and it is a blast to see the kids together I love it. I have been spending allot of time on face book but I think I will be coming back to my blog more now cause I miss it so much and all my friends here. We are getting ready to start our home schooling again in September I received allot of great material for our 1st year we have a great home school group here and there is allot of help again I am so blessed it appears that reading is the key that is what I am told by everyone my thought is to let God guild us and we will succeed in all we do I have faith in my Lord there for I know LaShanna and I will do fine. Well I will say good night for now oh my I almost forgot I have another new job I am a Norwex consultant and I am trying to put together a party now to show Kalispell what it is all about it is better than anything I have used before.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Grand baby

Beau Allen Keith the most handsome grand baby boy I have has arrived. Beau came 5 weeks early he weights 6 pounds and is 19 inches long he is doing great so is his mommy. He will be in the hospital for a couple weeks but the Lord has had great mercy on him. He is strong and healthy. Thanks to all he prayed and to Gods love and mercy

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I am in Idaho and church was so sweet Wednesday I just love my brethren so much and to be greeted with such love just warms my heart every time. My trip was wonderful Sister Charlotte and I had such a wonderful visit and we just stopped where we wanted and took our time. LaShanna was awesome she is such a good little traveler. I am very blessed to have here as a daughter. Well I will write more after the singing hugs to my Sisters that are far away and close.
I am very Glad you are all in my life one way or another I thank God daily for all of you.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yahoo I leave in the Am

(ww update as of Friday 8.4)
I am leaving for Idaho tomorrow I am so happy I can't stand myself lol. I plan on having so much fun and so many visits I will need a trailer to bring home all the spiritual food I get at least it has 0 calories hehehehehehe see you all soon.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Girl and Dog

The pictures say it all

Mary Mary quite contrary how dose your garden grow?

My garden grows fine. We are loving it as you can see in the pictures LaShanna is as happy as can be I can't to see her face when there are tomato's and cucumbers.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Miss My Brethren !

I just wanted to reach out and say I really do miss all my brothers and sisters I am trying faithfully to let God do his job but boy is it hard. I read about all the church dinners and the get together's the babies being born the showers the sick or hurt sisters that need help and my heart aches. Well God knows what he is doing so I will wait and see what he has planned. I did not mean for this to sound like I am whining cause I am not OK OK maybe I am a little. Just know I love you all and miss you all a bunch and if there was way I could be there to hug you all and help were you needed it I would be there for sure.

Love and Hugs to you all, Sister Charlene

W.W. update

4 pounds in 2 weeks :) yahoo

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer's Here

We had 83 here today. Wow it was hot. We planted watermelon, Cantaloupe and cucumbers beans and tomato's. I don't have a green thumb so we will see how this goes oh yes and I planted flowers real pretty colored ones nope can't remember what they are oh well at least they will be colorful. So once again my Little one has me doing things I don't normally do lol boy did God know what he was doing when he gave me this little bundle of fun, energy and stubborness to raise God totally knew she was what I needed to continue on and to come to him wow I am still and probably always will be amazed at his greatness and how much he loves me and loves all of us. Sometimes I wonder just how big his heart is it must be bigger than anything a person can imagen. Well there I go I was really going to only tell you all what a great day it was and how much fun it was planting stuff with LaShanna but God filled my heart and it poured out on this post. God Bless and keep all my Sweet Brethren. Love you all

Saturday, May 16, 2009

First week on WW

I lost 2.8 pounds I am so excited and much more healthier. Still not walking it kinda scares me sounds funny but it is true I will just pray and I will be ok.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Big Life Changes

Well Lady's here it is I want to live a long life so I Have made life changes. I joined weight watchers to learn to eat healthy. I have given up Soda(Sister L and Brother C in O will be happy for that hehe) and wow I have become a bird and eat wheat whole wheat(Sister C and Sister D in M will like that) They say it is better for you. I am also going to start to walk to work so please say a little prayer for me cause walking is not my thing. I use to get up at night and have a 2 am feeding. I have done that since my 27 year old son was born now I am 2am feeding free for 4 nights yahoo. I want to eat so good that I lose 70 pounds but will be so happy with 50 I guess you might be wondering why I do not say the dreaded D word is because I am allergic to the word. I break out in chocolate donate fits and run around the french fry play ground screaming I scream for ice cream so please do not say the D word cause it could get ugly lol hhehehe Well got go Love to all my Sisters and Brothers

Monday, May 4, 2009

It is official

Well it is official I am going to the singing in Idaho yahoo.Look out Brethren cause I am gonna be hugging you all and taking some of those hugs home in my pocket for later when I have to go home. LaShanna will be singing she loves to sing her Jesus songs as she calls them and her ABC's I am so excited I can hardly stand it.
Love you all see you soon.

Monday, April 27, 2009

What!! Snow in spring

Well this morning I woke up to my sweet LaShanna yelling. she was so excited there was snow on the ground. Only a child could see the delight in this at the end of May. It took me a minute to get excited but soon I saw the wonder through her sweet child eyes and yes it snowed last night and it really is pretty to see. Only God knows why it snowed and he has his reasons. Thanks again to God for a wonderful day and for a wonderful little girl to see the day with..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Potty Training update

Well I just wanted you all to know that LaShanna has joined the ranks of the big girls now. My sister Jennie told her she need to be a part of the big girls club and that did it she is fully one hundred percent potty trained. She has also went into a big girl bed. It was a sweet time but a sad time my baby is growing up and I am sad yet I am glad because she is becoming such a sweet little girl with a soft heart. All though she sure looks tiny it the single bed wow what a confliction of emotions I am having. Hum well here are some pictures of Easter and her bed I thought you might like to see. She in now 41 1/2 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds tall and thin but never to big for my lap hehehehe.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Thoughts and My Mommy

After reading the comments on Sis Lori's last post I have decided to post this. I was feeling like maybe my post were dumb but I see there not because they are my thoughts so here is another one. I am not sure how to say this I have never been more scared you see my mom is heading to Idaho with Sister Charlotte my sister sister. I know she will take good care of my mom without a doubt. But I might not see my mom again she looks great and seems well her meds are adjusted so that is great but what is going on inside her is a different story. She has really really bad P.A.D. her arteries are very thin and full of junk lots of junks. I know it is all in Gods hands but I am scared. I am glad she is going she needs to see our Brethren and be blessed by there love and if God did chose to take her I know she would be with all the people that love her. I guess I need your prayers for grace. My mom is my best friend I tell her everything we laugh we argue we cry she is always there for me no matter what. I never really have to worry cause I know she loves me even when I am a boob. through out my life she has taught me to care for my babies and cook clean a house help people in need be caring and giving. Well I am not sure how to end this blog except to ask God to be with my mommy and please take care of her.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thanks for your prayers

Thanks for all your payers mom is doing way way better than they thought It is awesome to see God work in our lives and heal our brothers and sisters all though there is still not a full healing my mom is better. God had allot of mercy on her and on us please if we come to your mind pray for us. Thanks
I love and miss you all so much. Love Sister Charlene

Friday, March 6, 2009

Love Dare

If anyone gets a chance to see the movie Fire Proof you should do it. I did and it changed my life. I will not go into detail on my marriage but will say that I was so unhappy I prayed daily to God to save me and he did he sent the tools I needed to follow his word and become the wife, friend, daughter, and child of God he wants to me to be. I can not begin to tell you the difference in my self and my family life and I am on day 13 only I am so excited to finish and see what great things God has in store for my marriage. As I read the book I follow the Bible. I have learned more about myself and my walk with God in 13 days than I have in 3 years. Being here in Montana is a blessing to me now. It has allowed me to become closer to God than I thought possible. I now know what in Gods timing means and am able to endure my separation from my Brethren with a happier heart I feel like God wants my marriage to be on firm ground before he will allow me to move. I feel like he knew that I would not have worked as hard on my marriage had I moved before my sweet marriage was saved. God really really dose know what is best for us. I have realized that I was not the woman God wanted me to be and that for my husband to truly see God as the way I need to be all that God wants me to be at that time I feel in my heart that God will call my husband and he will follow Gods will and come to God with open arms. I know this is really long and I am not usually this somber but the past 13 days have been one of the most eye opening times in my life. I just want to tell people that God will help. I feel in my heart like God sent us this movie and the Love Dare book as a tool along with the Bible and his word to help in a time when marriages are failing and the devil is using this to tear apart our families and our brethren families so if you know someone who is struggling Please pray and than spend the money and buy them the book and the movie it may just mean saving a brother or sisters marriage. I know that is just what I am doing. After much prayer I chose someone not in the church to do this for I felt moved by God to choose this couple. I give all glory to God and the tools he sent for me to use. I am so excited to see what happens in my marriage at the end of 40 days. God is good and he will provide you with what you need. I want to make it very clear that I know only with God will this work and I give all glory to God and his love for me......

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home Schooling fun

Well just a little update LaShanna is doing so good in school and so am I. I love teaching her to see how excited she gets when she catches on it is so fun. I was talking to a sister the other day and she told me about Bob Books I found a home school mom here that has a set like brand new. I am going to buying them I am so excited to see what LaShanna dose with them. Right now we are taking 2 words a week and I write them on these cool strips of paper I got at the dollar tree that is a home school moms best helper that dollar tree store anyway than I tape the word to the object it seems to be working really well soon I will have a house full of words hehehehehe but that is OK too it is all fun. Well I will write more soon.
PS I am reading my Sisters blogs and there all great sorry it is hard to post on them all right now but they are awesome. Sister Stubby I am here and praying for you..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Faith, Charity and Blessings

There's 2 things I want to post about tonight so here goes I was watching Faith and Charity sleep in there bed together today and I thought how wonderful it would be to be able to have both faith and Charity in my heart so easily than I thought well Charlene your silly you do. God gave you faith and he is and has and will give you Charity so they do lay in my heart together with ease. How sweet God is to me and I am humbled by his love for I know I am not deserving.
So here is the 2nd thing after I read Sister Charlotte's blog and read about Sister Stacie having Jessie count blessing. I thought how many times do we think I need to write down my blessing and we don't. :( So I decided I am sure this was from God to make a blessings book for LaShanna so when she needs it her blessings are there to read. Right now she tells me her blessings and I write them. LaShanna made the decision to color her blessings until she can write them herself here is her book and her first blessing.

Her first blessing she thought of was having her friend Izzybella.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Glory to God

Well as my Sisters know I have had a few rough weeks. I just want to tell you all that God has answered all your sweet prayers. As for my back it is not well but the Good Lord has answered my prayers and yours I am able to work and take care of my family so I am happy with that as for the burn on my left wrist I have Lupus and I heal very slowly but the Lord answered your prayers there he healed a very bad burn from a clothes steamer on my left wrist in 5 days. It was 1st, 2nd and a small 3rd degree burn on most of my wrist and hand. I was healed and pain free in a week. I love God and the mercy
he has on us. I love God so much. Thank you all for your prayers.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Family Member

Well I have to say I just love animals and now I have a new family member I would like you all to meet Charity she is 7 weeks old and will stay 5lb or less and about 12 inches tall maybe 14

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty

My wonderful kitty Faith at nap time and than time for tea

Home Schooling

Well I must say I love to home school so dose LaShanna it is just a joy to see her light up when she gets it. I can not believe I missed that with my boys. Reading her the Bible is so awesome. We have started at the beginning and she loves it. I will have to post pictures of her work I am now praying that there is some way I can stay home even more so I can spend more time schooling her. We do 2 hours in the morning now I think that it is enough for actual class work but she always wants more so 3 hours would be good for her we could do more arts and music well will post again soon God Bless my Sisters love Charlene
PS thanks for the help with my blog....:)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I need help please

I need to change my blog and I was wondering how I do this and save all the stuff on my blog so I do not have to start over help please