Sunday, September 21, 2008

Riding Elephants at her age (Cool)

Before I left for my Oregon trip my mom and my sister my self and LaShanna went to the circus mom wanted to ride the Elephant here she is looking good.. Gotta love it she is awesome

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sky Camp and More

Well Sky Camp was awesome and I will do it every 2 years whens it comes up it was so wonderful. The food was great and fellowship was great. On Friday night we had dinner and visited. When we got there on the table was color crayons and a really fun book pretty much everyone who sat down to talk would color it was fun it was a find the what ever kind it was cool to see people coloring and talking. Than Saturday we got up and ate a wonderful breakfast of quiche and cheesy potatoes. Than the games began and what fun we had there was the shoot the cans with giant water gun while siting down for us older kids hehehehe I lost but they gave me a chance to be the cheer leader of the group go Sisters go well it was Brother Bill that won he was really good we laughed so hard it was great. Than it was the tiny kids turn they took 4 big tables and covered them with art paper turned then on there side like a box and put the kids inside with finger paints what fun little Timothy was awesome he was the best little finger painter I have ever seen there was Little James he was fun to watch
he was a 2 finger finger painter his sister Abigail was a one finger finger painter and LaShanna was making hand prints but that little Timo was making a master piece all the kids did great it was fun and no painted each other oh except little James he painted his mommy's nose hehehe it was cute. Than the games for the medium kids began it was fun to watch and the olympics for the young ones started wow that took all day but was a hoot to watch look at there blogs they will tell you about it. I am sure there will be all kinds of pictures. Well I could go on and on but others will blog about it too yu all have 2 years to get ready for the next one hope to see you there. Love, Sis. Charlene