Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Playing with pony's(my pretty pony's)

I know I could go on and on but here they are again the dynamic duo
playing some more lol there the best...

LaShanna and Papa's music show

Ok I have tried and tried to put a slide show on here and I can't get it right so here is the picture. For those of you who are my friends on my space you can go to my my space to see the video this about the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Papa loves his little girls so much he plays with her like this all day it is so wonderful to watch. They keep me laughing all the time and let me tell you LaShanna loves him she thinks he is better than candy they are very close. What is hard to see is they are playing on Little kids horns and LaShanna dressed her Papa up he goes along with it there quite a pair.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Papa did not fix breakfast he took us out yahoo it was yummy

Seeing life through my child's eyes

After being up all night pondering life crying and praying that God would show me some sign that it all would be OK. LaShanna woke up and we cleaned her room, I clean when I need to think. She was so delighted to see toys she had missed placed I thought at first how silly she has played with them a thousand times. Than we cleaned out her dresser drawers and again she was in wonder and had to try on all her hats and examine her panties even though she wont were them, Ugh potty training a disaster I might add .As I watch this taking place I realized God was saying look through the eyes of a child at life and enjoy what you have. Well than she decided she wanted pudding I know not the best breakfast but papa will cook us eggs and sausage soon so I thought this one time wont hurt and she loved it. As we got ready to eat her pudding(She still wants me to help I love it) she looked into the spoon and with big eyes said mommy I see me in my spoon I see my tongue she giggled. ( I had to grab the camera she was so cute) At that point I knew God was using her once again to show me to relax he will care for me and my needs just as I do hers she believes in me I need to have faith in him and know in my heart that he will meet my needs just like I will meet LaShanna's needs. Once again I feel the peace I let go of and my Dear sweet heavenly father gave it back to me. I am so blessed to be so loved by him and so blessed to have such a sweet smart daughter to learn from thank you God for my life and for giving me my sweet baby girl.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


LaShanna what can I say but she is a doll. We were cleaning her room and she says to me all the animals are sad werey sad. I ask why do you say that. she says because they want there mom. I ask were is there mom. She says at work yuky they sad there mom works lol I think she is having a little adjustment problem here please pray for her. On a lighter note her she is being the good little mommy isn't she sweet.


Well we finally got it the snow. We had 10 inches in a matter of hours and I love it. Once again God has had mercy on my children my son Brandon was in a rather big fender bender he is OK thank the Good Lord. Other wise I am enjoying the snow. It is very cold below zero at night and in the teens during the day I am still working yuk soon I hope to stop working and stay home again. If it is Gods will. Well it seems I am rattling on sorry but it is how I feel tonight just kinda wanting to catch up on things and get my mind cleared out ever feel that way? OK OK I know enough lol

Thursday, January 17, 2008

In the world ouch

As I sit here waiting to go to work and listen to the kids and adults in the world once again my heart breaks for God. The things I am hearing ouch. I wish there was a way I could have of not hearing them. I ask God all the time to close my ears to the ugly words that people say. I know one day he will show me a way to do that but until than I just pray the Lords prayer or sing Jesus loves me in my head to block out the yucky stuff. Well there really is not to much to say so I will post again soon. ( Love you all )

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hi Mommy here

I was on my way home from work early tonight and decided to call and ask John not to put LaShanna to bed tell I got home. I Wanted to while I was talking to him I though I have never talked to LaShanna on the phone so I did tonight. It was so much fun she was so sweet. She sounded so grown up it made realise how fast she is growing up. At first she did not realise it was me but when I said it was mommy she got so excited I decided to call her from work every night to say good night to her I can set the alarm on my cell phone to help me remember I believe she will really love that....

The Pull of the World

Well I was reading all my friends blogs this morning and I was very comforted by them. Sister Trina in Oregon was pretty much alone there all though she had her husband and boys who believe the way she dose so that was a help. She was so right about the pull of the world when you are by yourself I wont say I am alone because God sits beside me all the time but I am by myself here in Montana and I have learned the very great benefit of having brethren close by when I visit Idaho. I have also learned about the pull of the world wow it is Strong if you don't stay on your knees and even if you do it can be strong brethren and friends I am working in a very worldly environment and need your prayers so very badly the pain I feel in my back is nothing to the pain I feel in my heart both for God and all the people. God must shed a ton of tears especially when I slip and I am not all that he wants me to be when I am at work and I am one of his lambs so please pray for me to be all that God wants me to be and to be a light for him at home and work. Well I really started this blog out to say that the blogs of my friends are so important to me they keep me in touch and close to you all when I am down or feel lonely I just start to read you blogs when 2 of my Sisters stopped blogging for a short while I was bummed and I prayed for God to touch there hearts and start to blog again and they did very shortly yahoo God did it again anyway it is such a great way for me to keep in touch with my brethren thanks for you blogs.... Love you all

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Making head way

I am making head way on the blog I think I need lessons on some things though but learning more every day so this good.
look I discovered color yahoo. Who knows what else I will learn

OOPS I messed up

Well I tried to get a new layout from some where else and messed up so I had to start a new Blog and I lost all my posts I think. I am still looking for them. So once again my blog is a work in progress.. Well I figured out that I did indeed lose all my other blogs so we get to start new in a new year there most have been a reason for it to happen so I am OK with that hope everyone had a good start to the new year..