Saturday, May 31, 2008

Answering your comments

OK this is a little different. I thought I would answer your comments on my last post and use it as a post so here we go.

Brother Russell your are so sweet and yes you could win a pageant a pageant of the heart not that your not beautiful because you are. After all you were made by God and hey he is perfect so he can only make beautiful people right. Sister Lori I know you pray for me and LaShanna all the time God has shown me that and I thank you so much for those prayers. Thank you also for all the wonderful scripture I love it keep it coming. I need it hehehe love you and yours too. To all my other Sisters I love your posts and thank you for all your sweet comments as strange as it may sound I can feel your love for God and your Brethren in your words and that is so sweet also you help me with my walk in the faith with all your comments thanks ladies love to you and your too. I just want to say to all my sweet Sisters and brothers that God has used you to comfort me everyday since I am here in Montana without brethren God has heard my prayers and brought me you guys from all over. I sometimes wonder if I was not here would I be so into blogging as I am now. God has definitely used our blogs to meet each other and to be a comfort to each other and I think that is really really awesome. So ok I am a mushy mush hehehehe gosh I am not sure how to end this post so I will say God bless and Thanks.

P.S. Sister Jackie I am sure if we lived closer our little ones would be friends too. All our little ones are so precious and cute I just love seeing pictures and hearing about them growing up..


Cherrie said...

I am so glad that God gives you comfort. Your post was so sweet and sincere.

Sis. Lori P. said...

The Dad and I were dreaming about taking an Amtrak train ride to Montana... and we could come see you!

Sister Charlene said...

oh Sister that would be so wonderful please come to see me it would be awesome PS please check your email thanks love you