Sunday, October 7, 2012

New baby

Well I am starting a new Chapter in in my life I am fostering a new baby she is 3 months old and only weights 9 pounds 21 1/2 inches long.She is really tiny and very sweet. What the Lord has in store for me now is only a guess so I will put all my faith in him to show me. I only know I am to love this little angle of his and to show her his love and teach her his faith. I am unable to post pictures do to the laws in Montana so if  you would like to see her let me know I will send you a picture via email. I am always amazed at what God puts before me and asks me to do for him what faith he has in me. I love my heavenly father more the life its self and will follow him to my dying day. At times I feel so alone and even a little jealous of my brethren that can be together ( shame on me ) but it is true. Than the Lord brings this little baby into my life and says here love her. If I was not here I would not have gotten to do this for my heavenly father so I am lucky to be here. I feel blessed to have all your prayers, love and support. God has shown me at least one reason I am here by my self  yes by myself but not alone he is always there with me holding me in his hands and loving me. I am humbled by his love for me. When asked why I took this little angle of Gods I reply I had no choice when God speaks you have to listen. God never asked why he sent his son to die for us he just did it because he loved us so much, I just do what God wants because I love him so much. I do pray that he will provide a way for me to come and visit in Boise and Oregon soon but only he knows what I need and when I need it. I can never explain what having to rely solely on God has meant in my growth and faith.

I will keep you all up to date on Kiley my new little angle..... I am honered that God put her in my life to keep safe for him...