Monday, April 14, 2008

How to handle grief ?

I don't know how to handle the grief I feel for my dear sweet friend. I have prayed and prayed for Gods help can any one give me advise I am still really a babe in the faith and have never dealt with this situation before not even when I was in the world. I am not sure what to post. I am not even sure this post is appropriate I just need some advise and scripture please also please let know if this post is OK if not I will delete it. Love to all my Sisters and brothers Love. Sister Charlene


Sis. Lori P. said...

It's okay sis, there is no denying how hard this is on any of us who knows of the sorrow our children bear. The scripture says somewhere that "a willing mind is first acceptable to the Lord". We need to let go of what we want and be willing to have what God gives us. Look around at how God has abundantly blessed all of us. Shall we take good at the hand of the Lord and be happy, but then when he takes away from us, do we begrudge His wishes? No, we are his servants and he gives to us what we need and we should to be willing servants for whatever he brings our way. You keep praying for grace and put one foot in front of the other...before you know it; we will all be in heaven.

Cherrie said...

When we lost our first child it was hard but God knows how to comfort us through friends and loved ones. Just keep praying for them.

Sis Stubby said...

Sis we have things to happen to us as it does the world but we have something they don't have we have Jesus & the Father to help us thur our times of sorrow on this earth.
In the new heaven & the new earth that is when there will no more sorrow or tears. What a day that will be. So keep on keeping on.
Love & Prayers a sister in Christ Jesus

Sister Charlene said...

Thank you my dear sweet Sisters for your comments.
I love having older Sisters in the faith to turn too again it is a blessing God gives us to have sisters to look to for help in our walk with God thanks again. Love and Prayers, Love Sister Charlene