Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home Schooling fun

Well just a little update LaShanna is doing so good in school and so am I. I love teaching her to see how excited she gets when she catches on it is so fun. I was talking to a sister the other day and she told me about Bob Books I found a home school mom here that has a set like brand new. I am going to buying them I am so excited to see what LaShanna dose with them. Right now we are taking 2 words a week and I write them on these cool strips of paper I got at the dollar tree that is a home school moms best helper that dollar tree store anyway than I tape the word to the object it seems to be working really well soon I will have a house full of words hehehehehe but that is OK too it is all fun. Well I will write more soon.
PS I am reading my Sisters blogs and there all great sorry it is hard to post on them all right now but they are awesome. Sister Stubby I am here and praying for you..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Faith, Charity and Blessings

There's 2 things I want to post about tonight so here goes I was watching Faith and Charity sleep in there bed together today and I thought how wonderful it would be to be able to have both faith and Charity in my heart so easily than I thought well Charlene your silly you do. God gave you faith and he is and has and will give you Charity so they do lay in my heart together with ease. How sweet God is to me and I am humbled by his love for I know I am not deserving.
So here is the 2nd thing after I read Sister Charlotte's blog and read about Sister Stacie having Jessie count blessing. I thought how many times do we think I need to write down my blessing and we don't. :( So I decided I am sure this was from God to make a blessings book for LaShanna so when she needs it her blessings are there to read. Right now she tells me her blessings and I write them. LaShanna made the decision to color her blessings until she can write them herself here is her book and her first blessing.

Her first blessing she thought of was having her friend Izzybella.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Glory to God

Well as my Sisters know I have had a few rough weeks. I just want to tell you all that God has answered all your sweet prayers. As for my back it is not well but the Good Lord has answered my prayers and yours I am able to work and take care of my family so I am happy with that as for the burn on my left wrist I have Lupus and I heal very slowly but the Lord answered your prayers there he healed a very bad burn from a clothes steamer on my left wrist in 5 days. It was 1st, 2nd and a small 3rd degree burn on most of my wrist and hand. I was healed and pain free in a week. I love God and the mercy
he has on us. I love God so much. Thank you all for your prayers.