Monday, March 31, 2008

Well I am not to sure.......

I am not to sure what some will think but I entered LaShanna in a pageant it was for fun and we did have fun doing it. She really loved it. I was able to use the experience to teach her to be kind and encourage others. When we were done she had won Little Miss Sunburst 2008 of Kalipell. We were leaving and she was telling other kids how good they were and she looked at them and said she would miss them there moms were like she is so sweet and cute I was able to say it was because of God that she has such a sweet heart. Some of you who read my blog wont agree with me entering her and some will but if things like a pageant are done with a good and kind heart and it is fun than I am ok with it.

Blinkies are fun

Look I have blinkies now too

Moms Better

Thanks for all the prayers mom is doing much better they don't know what is causing the minor heart attacks but I guess God dose any way thank so much for all prayers and God Bless all

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Mom needs prayer

My Mom was in the hospital last night with heart trouble we need your prayer please. I took today off work and brought her to my home for a few days so I can take care of her we just need prayer. I am so thankful for our Lord he was right there with me last night and with her it was sweet to him working even when I was so worried and scared it was like he reached out and held my hand I could feel him there with me and could see my mom was at peace too because she could feel him as well. Mom is doing better now she is just very tired I am glad that God has called on me to care for her as a daughter and a Sister in the faith..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We had a sweet Easter dinner at my Sister Jennies it was very nice LaShanna did not really understand what Easter is about but I told her anyway she decided it was nice that God sent the Easter Bunny lol where she got that I don't know but we will keep working on Easter tell she gets it. I truly hope that all my church family and friends and just those who read by blog had a great Easter well that is all for now love to all have a great week and remember Jesus loves more than anybody you know can:) aren't we lucky

Friday, March 21, 2008

God at work again

I never get tired of telling how God works in my life so here is another time. My 4 wheel drive on my jimmy has been broken since I bought my car this past summer, The check 4 wheel drive light kept coming on than one time this winter I tried to use it and it went hay wire. The guy at the shop said I needed a new something or another anyway I have not used it for most of the winter. Well LaShanna and I went up to my sisters Thursday on the way up the mountain to her house we got stuck the road was to slippery. I told LaShanna we needed to pray so we did and we put on my gospel music and started to sing oh yea before that I had a CD in that was talking about things in the bible to increase a child's faith anyway than we got stuck on the slippery hill and we prayed and we sang and the car started to move up the hill very slowly and LaShanna got so excited she said mommy God moved our car and by golly he did. We praised God for his miracle and on we went sing and talking tell we came to my sister road were we got really really stuck we weren't going any where LaShanna said mommy we have to walk I said no lets pray God will fix my 4 wheel drive mommy can't walk that far OK so we prayed and wow I hit the 4by4 auto button and it worked off we went I know this long but it is worth it. So we have a great visit and it is now time to leave I admit I was very nervous but we prayed again and off down the mountain we go we get down and it is time to take the car out of 4 wheel drive we pray again and it works. LaShanna got so excited that God fixed our car It made me cry tears of joy God planted such a great amount of faith in my little girl is he not wonderful. ( oh yea he planted great faith in me too)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

God answers my prayer

Hi all thought I would share a really sweet testimony. The other night I was really struggling with my faith and wondering if I was failing God and feeling very alone. I wrote a blog about it but right after I posted it I deleted it I was to embarrassed to keep it posted. I was and had been praying to God about all this over and over again. I had sent a Sister an email but not about this stuff.
The very next day she emailed me with the sweetest email and let me know I was not alone that God brings me and my mom to her mind many times and that she prayed for me These are some of her words and boy did God know I needed them "We pray for you both all the time and thank the Lord for filling your hearts with his Spirit. I'm so comforted by that because I know that you can endure all things by the grace, power and strength that the Lord gives when we call on him." Is that the coolest God heard my cries and answered my prayers. Once again he comes to my rescue I love my Lord so much. Thanks God for always being there for me.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sister Charlotte

Love You Sister may your day be
filled with blessings and love
Love You,

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tiffany won

Tiffany won with Charlene's Home Decor and more but I found out I couldn't use it as a domain name but Tiffy you still win the prize I will mail it out. Here is my web site just copy and paste to get there or you can email mail me for a catalog at Thanks to my friends look for a surprise in the mail.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

What a cowgirl

LaShanna wanted to pick out her own close today so here is what she picked she is pretty good at this matching thing.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

OOOOhhhh My a Tie

Ops we have a tie so far lol so lets get those votes going thanks all