Sunday, May 5, 2013

Well little Lilyanna was born on 4-23-2013 at 6:41PM 7 oz  7 lbs 19 inches long and perfect. She is just as sweet and healthy as anyone could ask for. Thank you God for all your mercy you have had on  this little baby.

I have managed to get a small amount of milk on the right side and she comfort nurses that side most. I do put her on the left to try and bring in some milk on that side. The drops help a lot.

The SNS is not as easy as I thought it would be. I am going to the lactation nurses at the hospital this week to get some pointers on it.
I will not give up. I love nursing her and I am still praying God gives me all the milk I need to be able to nurse her with out the SNS. 

I love being a new mom again. I know this will be my last new baby so I am enjoying every minute except being so tired lol, but that to will pass. LaShanna loves being a big sister and wants to help all the time. she is such an awesome daughter I love her even more now as I watch her adjust to the baby and see her unconditional love. She is such a blessing to me thank you God for my Daughters I feel very blessed to have them....