Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home Schooling fun

Well just a little update LaShanna is doing so good in school and so am I. I love teaching her to see how excited she gets when she catches on it is so fun. I was talking to a sister the other day and she told me about Bob Books I found a home school mom here that has a set like brand new. I am going to buying them I am so excited to see what LaShanna dose with them. Right now we are taking 2 words a week and I write them on these cool strips of paper I got at the dollar tree that is a home school moms best helper that dollar tree store anyway than I tape the word to the object it seems to be working really well soon I will have a house full of words hehehehehe but that is OK too it is all fun. Well I will write more soon.
PS I am reading my Sisters blogs and there all great sorry it is hard to post on them all right now but they are awesome. Sister Stubby I am here and praying for you..


Sister Stacie said...

that is so sweet she is doing great at school. Greg just started preschool too. He loves it so much. If he does not get to go he crys. The Lord realy blessed us the school is the same one Jesse went to when he was little it is christan based and I know all the teachers they are the same from when Jesse was little. I am so proud of our little ones and their love for learning.

pandama said...

keep at the good work sister may god bless you in it. Abby loves her bob books and surprised me by knowing how to read them. It kind of shocked me i didn't know i had worked wit her enough to be that far so it was a very pleasant rewarding surprise. Hi we miss you and love you guys