Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thanks for your prayers

Thanks for all your payers mom is doing way way better than they thought It is awesome to see God work in our lives and heal our brothers and sisters all though there is still not a full healing my mom is better. God had allot of mercy on her and on us please if we come to your mind pray for us. Thanks
I love and miss you all so much. Love Sister Charlene


Sis Stubby said...

Thamk God she is better.we will keep praying!
Love & Prayers

Sister D said...

We are all so thankful to hear of Gods mercy to her. We serve a God who is there when we need him most, whether it be to give us grace, strength, comfort, chastening, joy, humble us, heal us or take us home. Its a blessing she her sweet daughters to care for her, but I know that takes a humility and grace all it's own. We'll sure keep you in our prayers.