Sunday, February 15, 2009

Faith, Charity and Blessings

There's 2 things I want to post about tonight so here goes I was watching Faith and Charity sleep in there bed together today and I thought how wonderful it would be to be able to have both faith and Charity in my heart so easily than I thought well Charlene your silly you do. God gave you faith and he is and has and will give you Charity so they do lay in my heart together with ease. How sweet God is to me and I am humbled by his love for I know I am not deserving.
So here is the 2nd thing after I read Sister Charlotte's blog and read about Sister Stacie having Jessie count blessing. I thought how many times do we think I need to write down my blessing and we don't. :( So I decided I am sure this was from God to make a blessings book for LaShanna so when she needs it her blessings are there to read. Right now she tells me her blessings and I write them. LaShanna made the decision to color her blessings until she can write them herself here is her book and her first blessing.

Her first blessing she thought of was having her friend Izzybella.


Charlotte said...

I am so touched that God gave you that sweet book to make. This book of blessing will bring her and you great joy many years to come.

Sister D said...

What a precious idea! It's so good for us all to be reminded of what our God has done for us. I'm sure it will become a treasure to both of you. You weren't home when I called :( I'll try again..... No time like the present!