Saturday, October 17, 2009

A new chapter in my life

Well were to start I have left my job after 13 months and my sister Jennie and I are opening our own store I am so excited to be doing this. As with all good things the Lord provides satan tries to take it away and boy is he working hard to do that this time. I know the store is God given it all happened so fast and everything has fallen into place very smoothly and every prayer to God about things we have needed has been answered so yes satan is mad and after me I am so very glad that I have God and all my Sister and Brothers to pray for me.
Our store will be a kids second hand store and some fun collectibles for moms as well it should be allot of fun and God willing we should do well. I was telling Sister Charlotte and Sister Darlene that I will fill successful if Gods light shine through me to the people I come in contact with and to my sister all I want is to let Gods love flow through me to his people and be the person God wants me to be.

On another note I was blessed in a way only Gods people will understand one of my fellow homeschoolers has lost her husband to ms as I read her journey with him to the end I was blessed to see Gods love at work. I wish I could repeat the wonderful words she had but I would not do them Justis as her sweet husband lay in bed on his journey to meet God the love for the Lord that flowed from her was awesome. I feel touched in a way I have never been touched before. It was so sweet to read her words and to feel her love for God and her Husband all though she will never read my blog I feel compelled to say that through her God has shown me what kind of wife and mother and Sister he wants me to be and shown me that all though death is sad for us left behind it is a sweet blessing for those going to meet God. I do not know if this all makes any since but I had to talk about it and share with the ones I love the great and wonderful things God has shown me lately. In my own trail with my husbands health I pray God can give me as much grace as he did my fellow homeschooler for all she saw was Gods love for her and her husband and there children and to take time to share her love for God as her husband lay drifting closer to his heavenly home with the grace she had was truly Gods work and I feel blessed to have been a part of that.( Thank You God for your love and guildance I pray you will help me Lord to be all that you want me to be and that in my times of dispair and sorrow I can have the grace I need and shine only your love to those around me Amen)


pandama said...

may God bless your new adventure. love and prayers

Sis. Lori P. said...

I echo pandama's sentiment! May God bless your new adventure. Our prayer and love go out to you over here in Oregon sweetie!

Sister Charlene said...

Thanks Girls

Love you to

Sister D said...

Add me to the list of those who will be praying for you that God will bless you! Thank you, our dear Sister for your sweet heart to call and all your prayers. We love you so

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