Friday, March 1, 2013

Well as my last post said I had a foster baby. Kiley is now with her brothers and her new foster family she is 7 months old and doing very very well. I get to see her on occation and still love her dearly but God had a different way for me to go. Nerver doudt that God knows what is best he really does.

I asked many nights why God why did you take my Kiley and there was no answer except God knows all he sees the big picture. Though it hurt and almost did me in I had to come to grips with the fact that God had my life in his hands and that is were it needed to be..

Than by chance I was introduced to a very troubled young person who was in jail and on her way to prison. I felt compelled to tell her I would take her baby and raise it and love it as my own.

( I don't ever want an empty nest I love kids)

She chose to allow me to do this and to keep her sweet baby out of the system that takes guts on herpart she does not know me no I her a leap of faith.                                                                       ( Please pray for the birth mother that her life will improve and she will find God )

I know now that God did know the big picture and he put Kiley in a home with her 2 brothers and a wonderful foster family that will always keep them together. God knew my little angel was going to need me.. God also knew that LaShanna the first little angel he put in my life needed a sibling she is lonely being an only child.

So a new journey starts as we sit and wait for a call to go and pick up our new angel up from the hospital.

I am now 51 and I have to say I feel like a young mother waiting for labor and dreaming of what my baby will look like, what will the baby weigh and will it have blue eyes or brown eyes, blond hair or brown. Will it be tiny or a big baby oh my all the questions and the the waiting is driving me crazy but soon I will hold my little angel in my  arms.

So as I wait for my little to be born I am prepareing my home and my body as I plan on nursing my angel I will  use a divise called a supplemental nursing system as well as pumping to try and bring in my milk I pray God brings in  full milk production but if not at least my new little angel will know the comfort of nursing and I will bond with my little angel...

A little up date on my life I am 51 married 15 almost 16 years to my hubby we have 7 Children between us ad 4 Grand children I own a small kids clothing store our children range in age from 45 to 8 years of age and our grand children range from 2 to 4 . We live in a fairly small town in Montana and love where we live. I love the Lord wth all my heart and want nothing more than to be the women God wants me to be.

So the journey begins !!!!!

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