Monday, March 18, 2013

So as I said in my previous post I was taking  all natural lactate drops they upset my tummy really bad so while I was on a birthing site I was told about Mountain Meadow Herbs and there Maxi Milk  an all natural way to help produce breast milk wow what a difference it tastes super good and does not upset my tummy. I still do not have milk I am hoping that this new stuff from Mountain Meadow Herbs will help the fact that I like the taste and am more relaxed taking it is a huge plus. We are still waiting for the baby to be born and praying daily that God will heal anything that the birth mother did and give us a super  healthy baby. God is good for even iving me this chance as it is. I am ready with everything for the baby now I am just cleaning and dreaming about what she will look like..

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