Saturday, March 9, 2013

( This post was suppose to go before the last one sorry)  Well  I am having a very emotional day today I don't even want to pump or even think today my head hurts. It is hard to leave it in Gods hands.  I know I should but it is really hard I need to do just that. Today I get to talk to the birth mom and try to put her mind at ease wow I feel anything but at ease that's for sure  she will get to call me at around 3pm today.  I know that God wants me to raise this baby but it is kinda hard not to throw your arms up and say I quite when a person who is taking drugs and poisoning there unborn child is or thinks she is calling the shots and a man who is stung out on drugs and shooting up thinks he can call the shoots wow where is the fairness for the baby at. We have a really warped system here please pray all goes well and God gives me the words I need today. So God gave me the words I needed and the birth mom
has signed the papers yahoo....

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