Sunday, October 9, 2011

My sweet sweet Sister Janie I love you

I have a very dear sweet Sister in God that has passed and I want to say how much I loved her. Her child like love for the Lord was an inspiration to many many people she was such a love to be around and now she is with  our Lord as sweet as that is I am sad that I will not see here again until I meet the Lord myself  I will miss her smile and her sweet hugs and her words of encouragement. I pray for her husband and her Brothers and Sisters that God help them through this loss,                                       (Sister Janie I love you see you soon) Love your Sister always, Sister Charlene


Sis. Lori P. said...

That was a sweet post Sis. Charlene... I'm glad you didn't have to see her suffer. She left quietly in her sleep and may the Lord grant that we will see her again one day in that bright and shining City. <3 you so much and miss you too!

Sister Charlene said...

I wish that I could have been there for all of you I love and miss you all very much. I do believe that this is the longest hardest trial for me to be apart from my Brethren. Just know Sister that not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts as I lay my head on my pillow at night God brings you all to my mind and my heart. My prayers are with you everyone and here is a big hug...:)

Sis. Lori P. said...

Awww... Love you so much too and I am so thankful for God's mercies to you <3