Sunday, October 9, 2011

I am back

Well after some thought I decided to come come back to my blog and as odd as it may seem it is about my mom she has hurt her back again and I may need to make some choices again this year.
These choices will be put in Gods hands for I have not the strength or knowledge to make them myself. My flesh wants to run but not my heart so I was up last night crying and praying and now I ask you to pray for me.


carimarie said...

Awww Sis Charlene Im glad your back I have also given up my blog but I still follow many and you will be in my prayers as well as your mom!

Sister Charlene said...

Thanks Sister I so miss you all there in Boise and yes it feels so good to blog again it seems so much more personal I guess. Thanks for your prayers. Know that i pray always for you guys there and my heart breaks the more I am apart from you all. Love you Sister Hugs