Sunday, November 6, 2011

Well Lets see I think I will start with what God did for me yesterday . My moms house is just above a very steep hill and yesterday I was going to work with my 4 wheel drive on and I hit that hill and lost control of my car I had LaShanna with me. We did Broddy's and hit the ditch and jumped out of the ditch all the way down the hill there was a car in the ditch and I figured it was a miracle from God that I did not hit it. We came to a stop and LaShanna says mommy that girl had her flashers on we should help her so as this was a strange thing that happened to me ( I rareley have trouble in 4 wheel drive) I thought why not I have four wheel drive so I turned the car around and went to check on the girl in the car. She was facing down hill I was going up hill I stopped rolled my window down I was maybe 3 feet from her and than it happened my car slid right into her fender to fender and than proceeded to slide back wards. Well as you can all imagine there was metal scrapping and all kinds of ugly sounds. I though well God you know what I need so help please. So many thing where going through my head like there goes my savings and shoot I am late for work lots of thoughts in a very fast amount of time. So I get out of car to give the girl my info and make sure she has help coming. We look at the cars and there is no damage nothing not even a scratch!!!  nothing I am so happy I can not even believe it. It was like when God took smoking from me it was hard to believe there it was my very own miracle to share with a stranger on the road. So I said do you believe in Angels she said yes and I said good because you just witnessed God putting one between our cars is that awesome or what she said it was awesome and she had help coming. She than said it was weird because she had made a call to her parents where there was no signal and she was right there is no cell signal on that mountain. So there you have it my miracle from God to share with you all.

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