Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tiffany won

Tiffany won with Charlene's Home Decor and more but I found out I couldn't use it as a domain name but Tiffy you still win the prize I will mail it out. Here is my web site just copy and paste to get there or you can email mail me for a catalog at Thanks to my friends look for a surprise in the mail.


sharon said...

I couldn't get to the website!!! Boo hoo. It didn't work for me. I will try again in the morning!! I am excited to check it out.

Sister D said...

Sister Charlene,
I haven't been able to post on your blog because on my screen all the words ran into each other :/ But my Hubby fixed it for me!
Wa Hoo! Your store has such cute stuffs
Just wanted to tell you this morning that I'm Praying you always stay encouraged and that We love you so much,
Sister Dayna

Gram-Mom said...

Thanks Sister Dayna I love you guys so much too. I will send you a gift card so you can register at my store I am sending them to everyone in Oregon so you all can have a gift on me love you soooo much Love Sister Charlene..