Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Mom needs prayer

My Mom was in the hospital last night with heart trouble we need your prayer please. I took today off work and brought her to my home for a few days so I can take care of her we just need prayer. I am so thankful for our Lord he was right there with me last night and with her it was sweet to him working even when I was so worried and scared it was like he reached out and held my hand I could feel him there with me and could see my mom was at peace too because she could feel him as well. Mom is doing better now she is just very tired I am glad that God has called on me to care for her as a daughter and a Sister in the faith..


Raine said...

That's scary! I'll keep you both in my prayers. I hope she gets feeling better soon. Love you both

Sister D said...

The Lord has given you such a sweet heart to call on Him in times of need. I'm thankful you both felt His comfort so quickly. We have been praying for her and for your dear heart to take care of her. Much love and many prayers