Wednesday, March 19, 2008

God answers my prayer

Hi all thought I would share a really sweet testimony. The other night I was really struggling with my faith and wondering if I was failing God and feeling very alone. I wrote a blog about it but right after I posted it I deleted it I was to embarrassed to keep it posted. I was and had been praying to God about all this over and over again. I had sent a Sister an email but not about this stuff.
The very next day she emailed me with the sweetest email and let me know I was not alone that God brings me and my mom to her mind many times and that she prayed for me These are some of her words and boy did God know I needed them "We pray for you both all the time and thank the Lord for filling your hearts with his Spirit. I'm so comforted by that because I know that you can endure all things by the grace, power and strength that the Lord gives when we call on him." Is that the coolest God heard my cries and answered my prayers. Once again he comes to my rescue I love my Lord so much. Thanks God for always being there for me.


Sis. Lori P. said...

That is a very sweet testimony Sis. Charlene! I love your new blog's very pretty!

Raine said...

Thats so sweet Sis. Charlene. I love being able to hear and see God answering his peoples prayers. Love you Sissy, and thanks for sharing your testimony. =)

P.S. I love the blog template too! Its too cute!

Sister Charlene said...

Thanks to both of you and I love you both too