Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Pull of the World

Well I was reading all my friends blogs this morning and I was very comforted by them. Sister Trina in Oregon was pretty much alone there all though she had her husband and boys who believe the way she dose so that was a help. She was so right about the pull of the world when you are by yourself I wont say I am alone because God sits beside me all the time but I am by myself here in Montana and I have learned the very great benefit of having brethren close by when I visit Idaho. I have also learned about the pull of the world wow it is Strong if you don't stay on your knees and even if you do it can be strong brethren and friends I am working in a very worldly environment and need your prayers so very badly the pain I feel in my back is nothing to the pain I feel in my heart both for God and all the people. God must shed a ton of tears especially when I slip and I am not all that he wants me to be when I am at work and I am one of his lambs so please pray for me to be all that God wants me to be and to be a light for him at home and work. Well I really started this blog out to say that the blogs of my friends are so important to me they keep me in touch and close to you all when I am down or feel lonely I just start to read you blogs when 2 of my Sisters stopped blogging for a short while I was bummed and I prayed for God to touch there hearts and start to blog again and they did very shortly yahoo God did it again anyway it is such a great way for me to keep in touch with my brethren thanks for you blogs.... Love you all


Tiffany said...

Awww i feel bad! Sorry i stopped blogging for a while:(.

I can somewhat say that i know what your going through sis! Even in a BIG assembly you can feel alone. I was very alone the first few years i was in the faith! If i didn't have your Big Sister and my Big Sister i would have felt completely alone! There was so much good that came from it sis! I learned a lot about my place among Gods people.

As a babe in the faith your part is SO important. The older brethren NEED the young ones! Its often the questions of the babes that stir the older brethren up. Sometimes just the simplest question can be so edifying to them, because it's been years sense they have even thought about it. Lol i'm not sure if i'm making sense. I hope i am. Anyways, i know that the Lord if forming you right now. It may be hard, but years from now when you look back you will be so edified by what God did for you!

You are thirsty and starving for fellowship! Someday when the Lord brings you to an assembly you will eat it up! And when you are full, you will always remember the hunger you felt as a babe. It will never leave you! The brethren will be greatly encouraged by your desire to be close to the Lord and to his people.

So as i sit here thinking about you and your trial i pray for you, and i rejoice for you! As the scripture says, <"For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away." i>

It be much longer when you look back and remember this time in you life.

-I love you sis!

Tiffany said...

*It won't be much longer

Gram-Mom said...

My Dear Sister Tiffy your words and love are a great comfort to me and I know what you say is right I love you Sis and thanks for loving me :)and I do look forward to the time I can assemble with my brethren and be full lol and yes you make great sense to me because God gave you those words for me. Love You SIster Charlene