Saturday, January 26, 2008

Seeing life through my child's eyes

After being up all night pondering life crying and praying that God would show me some sign that it all would be OK. LaShanna woke up and we cleaned her room, I clean when I need to think. She was so delighted to see toys she had missed placed I thought at first how silly she has played with them a thousand times. Than we cleaned out her dresser drawers and again she was in wonder and had to try on all her hats and examine her panties even though she wont were them, Ugh potty training a disaster I might add .As I watch this taking place I realized God was saying look through the eyes of a child at life and enjoy what you have. Well than she decided she wanted pudding I know not the best breakfast but papa will cook us eggs and sausage soon so I thought this one time wont hurt and she loved it. As we got ready to eat her pudding(She still wants me to help I love it) she looked into the spoon and with big eyes said mommy I see me in my spoon I see my tongue she giggled. ( I had to grab the camera she was so cute) At that point I knew God was using her once again to show me to relax he will care for me and my needs just as I do hers she believes in me I need to have faith in him and know in my heart that he will meet my needs just like I will meet LaShanna's needs. Once again I feel the peace I let go of and my Dear sweet heavenly father gave it back to me. I am so blessed to be so loved by him and so blessed to have such a sweet smart daughter to learn from thank you God for my life and for giving me my sweet baby girl.

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Tiffany said...

Thats so sweet the way the lord answered your prayer! Have you ever herd the song "in my daughters eyes" by Martina McBride? Its a sweet song :D

Love you sis! <3