Saturday, December 21, 2013

Getting ready for our frist Christmas 2013

The tree is up and the presents or wrapped we are waiting to see what Santa Brings to us.
We are also very excited to thank our Heavenly father for his son Jesus and to tell him we love with all out hearts.. ( We do this all year all the time but it is fun to celebrate  Jesus's birthday)

I am so excited to watch Lilyanna open her gifts, She is such a sweet and happy baby she always has a smile and a giggle for us she is such a friendly little person I love her so. 

 It is an exciting time of year My sister and I have healed our rift and are becoming closer praise be to God. We are excited to watch Landon and LaShanna share Christmas with Lilyanna.

The snow is coming down like crazy so I see lots of sledding in the future for LaShanna
and Landon....

I have found a really wonderful Church to go to here in Kalispell it is filled with wonderful loving people that just love the Lord.

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